#ic-7300 no audio while transmitt #ic-7300

Peter Bruins

trying to made FT8.
No problems at all w8ith receiving, decoding and displaying. When I try to sent FT8, even when I tune, the IC-7300 went into TX - but no modulation! By the way, now problems with CW and SSB. Now I use a 7300 with the same RIGPI that I use withe the K3
and we have the same problem 100% . Audio from the IC7300 with Mumble no problem woks fine.
FT8 in the PI  the calls cam ins no problem If you push the test button  TX go to send but no HF cams out
I think I have a problem with a config on the PI but I doesn't ´what  it is I am not a Pi king .......
someone has an idea? factory reset ?

'73 Peter, DH4JQ

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