Re: rigpi frozen

Karl Jan Skontorp

Hi Dick!
My son have used SD-card in prefessional equipment, and he bought from Franell, Swissbit and Delkin Devices. Please check this datasheet

He also told me low voltage on the RPi might give problems. I'm not very familiar with the RPi, but I thinkt there is two leds on the board, close to the USB/network connections. One is red and the oter is green. If the red is on, this indicates low voltage. My son also told me that such a siruation also will be logged in the RPi log. This could be checked with the command "dmesg", I don't know how to check or what kind of message to look for, but it will have to do with the "low voltage" suppose someone in this forum can give you better answers than me, regarding Raspian log debugging....

Hope this helps!
Karl Jan

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