Re: Emi hardening


The plug-in “wall wort” supplies for ANY of the Raspberry Pi’s are of horrible quality noise-wise.  I typically replace them with higher quality 5VDC supplies with metal cases that offer better chassis earth bonding/grounding.   Also - if you have a laptop PC nearby, their plug in supplies can also be a major noise source.   I am a huge believer in investing in larger ferrite rings that are actually capable of soaking  up HF-range noise, not just UHF (the little cylinder clip-one).  I typically put them as close as possible to my rig connections.   The rings are 40.5mm / 1.59” of, 23.5mm/0.94” ID.  The larger size also allows 5-6 cable winds.   This approach really helps to reduce the noise floor for our receiving efforts!

73,  Steve KE4LC 


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