Re: Power failure

Bruce N7XGR

Jim, Skip,  I believe that some files on the card are corrupted because of the power loss.
It is best to contact MFJ for a replacement card and start all over from scratch unfortunately.
When Skip get the new card he should clone the card onto another B4 B4 B4 (emphasized)
he does any settings changes.  Just get a USB card reader/writer and some 32 gig cards
and clone the original onto at least 1 card.  There is a clone utility built into the PI's OS
that makes this easy.  After cloning put the original card away and only use the cloned card.
After all settings are done and B4 B4 B4 any passwords are changed, do another clone.
Put the B4 password card away with the original but label them accordingly.
Now with this other cloned card he can now change the password, when all done and
everything is working just fine and you guessed it, DO ANOTHER CLONE.
Every step along you have clones to fall back on, which means if a problem arises
like this one all he has to do is to put the previous card in and do a new clone
This will save a ton of time and frustration, backup to a backup to a backup.
The instructions are very lacking in this respect that came with the unit.
Use the corrupted card for the clone job then use this card keeping the other card
for safekeeping.

Bruce  N7XGR

On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 4:01 PM Jim Yuen <jimyuen808@...> wrote:
Aloha Skip,

1. If your monitor tests okay, then either the Raspberry Pi HDMI connection is bad (power damage?) or the Raspbian Linux is corrupted.

2. The RigPi (RSS) app consists of a series of HTML programs residing on the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is the web server that processes your RigPi app which is why you can connect. So obviously the Raspberry software is working enough to allow you to connect.

3.When VNC rejects your login, it may be your login/password is wrong or corrupted. Try the default "pi" and "7388".. You can possibly download and re-install VNC on the RPi but I've never tried that myself.

It's hard to say whether the board or the software is corrupted. If you can borrow a copy of the software from a nearby ham to test vs your copy.  p.s. making a copy of the software on a spare SD card is a good backup.

I'm not an expert on this stuff as I've only worked with it since March for my club, but I've had my share of problems. Good Luck.

73. Jim WH6GS

On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 10:26 AM Skip Merrill <ks4q.skip@...> wrote:
Hi Jim,
When I log on to the RSS using a computer on the same network I am using a different monitor. At the time of the failure I had a different monitor connected directly to the rigpi HMDI port and I have since checked both the monitor and cable, they are ok. The power wasn't off long so the RSS retained the same IP and that is what I am using to access the rigpi software which still works. I don't understand how the rigpi could be working without the Raspberry software working. When I try to log on using VNC I get a logon rejected message. I am beginning to agree that the memory card is corrupt.

Skip, KS4Q

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