Re: Power failure

Jim Yuen

Aloha Skip,

1. "When I boot up I have no video to the monitor.". Does it mean you have a monitor directly connected to the Raspberry Pi (RPi)? If so, check your monitor. If it's okay then maybe your RPI HDMI is not working.

2. if you can connect on the same local network and it's working, it's likely nothing is wrong with the RSS. 

3. Check your external (WAN) IP address which may have changed during the power outage. 

4. If you're using a DDNS, check your  IP address there for validity.

5. To  check the RPI, log in locally with VNC. You should see the RPi desktop. Do this first on a locally-connected PC. Then try it again using the remote connection (i.e. the remote IP address or the DDNS address).

Hope this helps.



On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 7:04 AM Skip Merrill <ks4q.skip@...> wrote:
Thanks Perry, my first post.

I had a power failure in the shack while using Rigpi and now have the following problems. When I boot up I have no video to the monitor. I can log on the RSS using another computer on the same net and Rigpi appears to be operating correctly. I can not log on remotely. When the Rigpi screens are up there are no indications that the Raspberry pi screen is running, no toolbars, no header or any way I can see to get to the Raspberry pi home screen. Shutting down Rigpi with setting just leaves a blank browser screen. Power loss may have corrupted memory. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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