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Thank you so much. That will be my favorite qso. Jim. K4JUO

On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 10:07 PM Harold Rosee <wa5zzt@...> wrote:
Sure thing.  When you get it send me you phone number and an evening/time that is best for you. 

BTW, for anyone reading, I have no affiliation with MFJ nor Howard.  I am just having fun helping other hams like we did in the old days when I first got into ham radio.  We even climbed everyone's tower for the asking.  It's what's the hobby is all about.  I have tried every remote on the planet that has come out and this is the first that actually works.  It's got some bugs to be worked out but Howard is a real smart guy and fixes issues quickly.   The Beta tester are working hard behind the scenes to test the changes.  Once it smooths out it will free Howard up to add some new functions.  Be thinking of you want list because it won't be long...

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Harold, I have Rigpi coming for my 7300. Hope I can call on you then. Jim. K4JUO

On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 9:55 PM Harold Rosee <wa5zzt@...> wrote:
For those of you I help get going on these radio I made a mistake you need to change.  I will upload a new 7300 later but want to get it out here.

There are 2 CIV baud Baud rate settings.  One is for the CIV TTL baud rate for the 1/8 jack in the back of the radio.  We are not using taht one so it doesn't matter how we have that set.  It's labeled "CI-V baud rate."

There is a separate one for the USB setting I didn't see until Howard pointed it out to me.  It is labeled "CI-V USB Baud Rate".  The word "USB" is the difference.  You need to go into your radio and set it to a speed of 115,200.  You also need to have the "CI-V USB Port" setting set to "Unlink from [REMOTE]" for the baud rate setting to work.  In addition you need to have the setting "CI-V USB Echo Back" set to "ON".  That is all for the radio.  This is the same for the 7300 or the 7610.

Now sign on to the RigPi radio screen but DO NOT connect yet.  First go into the Setting>Advanced Radio screen.  On that screen screen in the middle and second setting down you will see the "Baud" setting. Using the drop down box change this setting to 115200 to match the radio.  While you are there check the box that is labeled "disable split polling".  This will take care of the flickering in the radio during split mode.  Then at the top right you will see a cloud with a up arrow in it..  Click on that to save the changes.   Now click on the "Tuner" at the top toward the left and that will take you back to the main radio screen.  Click on connect and it should connect fine.  If not let me know here and I will help.

You are now connected at 115200 as opposed to 9600.  Now the CAT commands will be a lot faster.  We found this when I was doing the radio on/off testing.  The connection was too slow to properly work.  This may even make the USB audio work better but I can't say for sure as I am still testing that.  Since Howard fixed the on/off in V1.03 you need the faster spped for it to work correctly.  I have tested it on my 7300 and so far it works good.  It's great to be able to turn the radio on/off remotely.

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.  It was my mistake and I am sure won't be the last.  I am learning as I go and missed that.

Thanks for your patience as we work through all the radio's.


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