Re: WSJT-X 2.2.0 decode performance on RigPi


 I had tried an upgrade on my RigPi (MFJ1234) and when the memory was full it locked the system completely. I was helped to recover my RigPi and found out it did not actually do the update but screwed up and changed some of the settings. One was recording which I never set to record it was set to none. Now that it is running the decoding is not functioning at all. I will get a great signal receive strength and no decoding so I guess I will have to wait until this new release comes out. Even if I select decode I can't get it to change colors. Sometimes it flickers the funky blue color but that's it. This was all my fault and nothing with Howards equipment nor his code. My bad but learn from our own mistakes.
Allen Higgins

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