sticky RigPi Image available for download from MFJ

Howard Nurse, W6HN

RigPi, version 1.05 (the current production version), is now available for download from the MFJ web site.  The price for the download is $29.95.  This is the same software contained on the RigPi microSD card.  If you already have a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and don't need the Keyer or Audio boards, the download is a perfect way to get started with RigPi.

The RigPi image is a large file, nearly 5GB in size.  If you have a slow Internet connection, the microSD card may be a better way to go.  The RigPi microSD card is available from MFJ for $49.95.

Instructions for installing the RigPi image are contained in the download.  Download the zipped file and unzip on a PC.  You will see pdf and html versions of installation help.

This image will NOT run on a Raspberry Pi 4 or later computer.  It uses the Raspbian Stretch operating system which is not compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4.  RigPI 2 will be released soon that uses the Buster operating system which will run on a Raspberry Pi 4.  RigPi 2 will also be available for download from MFJ.  Once RigPi 2 is launched my plan is to provide the RigPi software on Github.  A full image will not be available, only the RigPi server will be on Github.

73, Howard W6HN

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