Re: Can't Mumble

Glenn VE9GJ

Hi Howard
Is this a windows laptop?
Delete your mumble connection on your laptop and try again. Make sure you create a new unique user name like laptop1. If you get a prompt to accept a certificate say yes. If you are prompted for a password use 7388.

Glenn VE9GJ

On June 12, 2020 1:56:53 AM ADT, "Howard Brewington, KJ5NJ" <Comet_Brewington@...> wrote:

Hi Howard et al,

I recently purchased a RigPi for my ICom-7600.  So, I’m now able to connect to my radio with a laptop via the internet.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to get Mumble working.  When I boot-up RigPi, I see on RigPi’s monitor that Mumble starts and connects successfully.  When I try to connect with Mumble from my laptop, though, I get the return: “Connecting To Server rigpi.local, Connected, Server Connection Rejected, Wrong Password.”

Actually, Mumble never asks for my password; it only asks for my username.  I’ve probably made a setup mistake somewhere but need help now.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks and 73s,



New Mexico

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