Re: Updating WSJT-X

Glenn VE9GJ

The user you should be using is pi unless you have done some modifications to the accounts on the rigpi.

Try a CTRL-ALT-F1 at the login screen. Does that get you to a terminal log in?
If so try logging in as user pi and password 7388 (or something else if you changed it.)
CTRL-ALT-F7 should switch back to the gui login

Note on the rigpi there is the RSS user pass that you use in a web browser or by clicking the RigPi shortcut on the RigPi desktop.
There is the user pi /password that is used to login to the desktop or an ssh app such as putty.
There is also a VNC password.
These can all be different and are unrelated but RigPi comes with then all set to 7388.

Glenn VE9GJ

On 2020-05-27 9:55 a.m., Allen wrote:
It is a pi login window in the center of my screen It has two options pi or other admin. I tried other and used admin with 7388 and no go. I even tried admin with no password and same no go results.
Allen Higgins
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Hi Allen
Is the password prompt the one on the monitor plugged into the rigpi? Is
it a windows style login or is it just a terminal (black window with
text) style login?
Are you making sure the user name is pi?
Glenn VE9GJ
On 2020-05-26 10:02 p.m., Allen wrote:
I was running the updated WSJT-X and I ended the program and unknowingly just shut the RigPi off without starting up RigPi to shut down the RigPi. Now when it boots up I get a pi logon screen. I have used all my passwords and nothing works. My original setup password and then 7388. Both show different results if I used 7388 it just comes back and asks me again. If I use my original first password I get the red bar printed inside that red bar "incorrect password Please try again". but not with the 7388. Why two different responses? How do I get back up and running?
Allen Higgins

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