Re: Asking guidance how to augment RigPi control screen

Dave Shadwell

VNC Viewer running on Android phone (Galaxy S9+) replicates RigPi large screen view, tabs, everything as if I'm at the radio and allows me to operate everything but no keyboard (yet). Need to scroll around a lot of real estate to operate. Perhaps Im not interacting with PNC Viewer properly. I'll try your suggestions, perhaps copy and paste duplicate controls and continue the adventure. Love it!
Thank you
Dave Shadwell

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From: "Howard Nurse, W6HN" <hlnurse@...>
Date: 5/26/20 2:48 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [RigPi] Asking guidance how to augment RigPi control screen

Hi Dave,

RigPi uses Twitter Bootstrap to make responsive screens.  The GUI elements that appear on a screen depend on the size of the screen.  For phones the S-meter converts to a bar graph and the status labels are dropped.  RigPi uses a graphics tool called Perfect Widgets to create the GUI components.  By using Perfect Widgets you can make the GUI (PTT, +/-, Tuning knob) do anything you like.

The ultimate goal is to bypass the need for Perfect Widgets since it produces proprietary components.


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