Re: Rigctl not started #rigpi #rss


Hi Howard, thanks for getting back.

Got it sorted out. First I removed the > /dev/null and finally saw the problem "error = Invalid Configuration". When I would start it manually, I would just go so far as to specify the service port and it always worked. So I figured I would start from the end removing parameters one by one from rigctld -m 135 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -t 4532 -s 38400 --set-conf stop_bits=1 --set-conf rts_state=OFF > /dev/null 2>&1.

After removing --set-conf rts_state=OFF and trying Test Rig, it worked.

So, I went into the Advanced Radio setup and changed R RTS to default and it works like a charm. 

I guess I should have dug a bit more more posting.

Thanks as always,

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