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Connected the FTDX101 via USB to the RSS. Configured the ports, etc.. When I try to connect from Tuner, it fails with ricgtl not started. I can however get to VCC and with rigctl verify that I there is CAT control. I can set frequencies, etc... When I run rigctld (either in background or not) and go back to the web interface try again, it connects and I'm able to control the radio.

It's my understanding that rigctld is supposed to start automatically when a connection attempt is made, but clearly its not. As stated previously, it starts manually and I'm able to get CAT control working.

I tried to follow the debug instructions that have you edit hamlibDo.php, but the instructions on what to change and/or look for do not match 100% what I see in the editor.

I should add too that when trying to run php hamlibDo.php it throws a series of errors for each of the variables not being set. It's as if when I save the radio config, these values are not being updated?

PHP Notice:  Undefined index: test in /var/www/html/programs/hamlibDo.php on line 5
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: radio in /var/www/html/programs/hamlibDo.php on line 12
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: keyer in /var/www/html/programs/hamlibDo.php on line 13
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: user in /var/www/html/programs/hamlibDo.php on line 14
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: port in /var/www/html/programs/hamlibDo.php on line 15
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: rotorPort in /var/www/html/programs/hamlibDo.php on line 16
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: tcpPort in /var/www/html/programs/hamlibDo.php on line 18

Is this just the way it works, start rigctld manually and move on, or is there something up in the config somewhere that I just don't see?

Thanks in advance,
Ken, WB1DX

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