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Garry Chessen

Bruce, I downloaded the Raspberry pi Raspbian and installed it. I can now get to internet with wifi and ethernet.  Must be something wrong with the Rigpi software. Bruce or anyone, I do not remember how I set up the static port in my Rigpi. What files do I need to change to remove the static address? This may fix my problem or else I need a new MFJ programmed SD card.


Howard, if you read this, I still do not get a green light on the Ethernet port.


Garry Chessen


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From: Michael Bridak
Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 11:39 PM
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The picture when you hovered over the network icon showed the /24 would make it a class c network ( subnet mask which would isolate it from the 0.x network.
it might work if you changed the subnet mask to or a /16 network. it depends on the local addressing settings on the router as well.

But just for funzies i'd try setting it back to dhcp. restart the pi, verify route, then note the network settings handed out by the dhcp server in your router.
then move on from there.


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