Re: IC-7610 No transmit audio problem fixed !!

Mike K0JTA


Please do consider making up a PDF document and adding this to the FILES section of this user group!  Either make up a new folder (maybe this is the best!) or just add your information to one of the folders now in the FILES section of this user group.

Your information is valuable to a lot of folks! -While you are offering your information to those who ask, there are new members who will miss out on your valued information.

Maybe a folders-in-folders plan on this topic can be made up for other radios, such as the IC-7300 and of course, other BRANDS as well.  The MFJ-1234 is an exciting unit, but it is complex as it can be interfaced with so MANY radios!

Thank you, Ed!  73 from Mike, K0JTA

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