Hi Dennis, 
Agreed on the CI-V port needs to be correct on RPORT. 
Your next challenge will be transmit control. If you have a solution please pass it on. 
Unless something has changed, using the PTT from the GPI/O 17 was found to be unstable
on my system, If you can get it to transmit, it is hard to get it back to RX. In most cases, you cannot 
rely on the PTT button red (TX) status because that is set by a command status read from the IC706mk2 which 
is not supported by the radio. if you have your manual, check the CIV command set you won't find a TX command or TX status READ command.  Be careful and use a dummy load, it could get stuck in TX. I have a post somewhere on the group discussing the above from sometime ago. 

If you want to use WJST, it works very well. You can modify the jumper board supplied with the cable assembly, 
and use a USB to RS232 serial converter cable. You will need a RS-232 connector or cut a cable to pick out 
the DTR signal on pin 4, pin 5 for ground.  DTR can be used by WSJT and FLDigi for TX control. Use a 2n222, 2n3904, general purpose transistor to pull down the PTT (actually the radio's HSEND) going to the radio, a resistor and diode are in there as well. 
Attached is a marked up schematic of the mod that I did to make it work. You will be taking the RigPi's GPIO17
PTT out of the path. 
From the old days, there was a CIV to RS232 Poor Man's converter using a couple of transistors.This might just be the method to provide the CIV command AND TX control using the RS232 DTR converter interface. I might try it out sometime.
The radio can be used with mumble, I am listening to the radio now, but no TX just yet. 

Rig Pi works with the RigPi CW Keyer, you just need to configure the Rig Pi Keyer as shown in the attachment 
and use a cable from the "KEY" jack in the rig pi to your 1/4" Key Jack on your 706. Just use the Tips and Shields on both. Of course, now your TX line is the Key Line. 

It took some time to get the kinks worked out and seems to be working and stable on my station, please use the information carefully and at your own risk. If anyone finds anything to enhance or correct please pass it along 

Have Fun 73 


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