Re: LXDE-pi/run.log question (audio pop reason found)


Hi Howard -

Running 1.3.0 on clients.  Same on RigPi (Buster) since you need to be at that level for updated Mumble.  To be very exact, the RigPi version is 1.3.0~git20190125.440b173+dfsg-2 on Buster.  A recent check for updates (a few days ago) indicated it was current on the Buster version.  (But as I mention, same issue using Stretch with 1.3.0 clients, and earlier versions of Mumble on RigPi because Stretch does not support 1.3.0.).

For those interested, I found this after I suspected the problem had to do with I/O contention on the microSD.  Used dstat to analyze what I/O was coming from where, which led me to this.  The dstat package was not installed by default, so that was a package I had to install.  

Hope this helps others if they have been seeing this problem.  I suspect if the RigPi was left running for a long period of time, this log file might fill the disk.  It gets deleted and restarted with a reboot, so that might be a lesser problem.  

'73 -- AE0AU

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