Re: WinKey access via external program

Randy Becnel

Thanks for quick reply Howard.. So will RigPi 2 be a field upgrade? Will any additional/new H/W be required for the upgrade or firmware/OS only? Is there  a timeline for release? And I realize I’m already utilizing Beta S/W with RigPi Hub but I hope I’ve inspired you to explore your final note on possibly adding CW keying in the future. As I was looking at the Hub dashboard I was saying to myself.. “hmmm, a CW checkbox next to that CAT box on the port configs would be nice…”, HI, HI. Since K1EL WinKeyer already exists in the RigPi and logging programs like N1MM already know how to talk to it, seems like it shouldn’t be a huge mountain to climb.


RigPi is everything I expected it would be as I read the info about it before buying and I see much more potential. So I will be anxiously awaiting V2, and beyond!!


Finally, TNX for your work with RigPi… it’s a great addition to the hobby’s remote capability.


73, Randy – W5UE


From: [] On Behalf Of Howard Nurse, W6HN
Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2020 12:55 PM
Subject: Re: [RigPi] WinKey access via external program


Hi Randy,

Looks like you are making great progress getting everything going!

RigPi Hub does not support remote CW keying, but that’s an interesting point.  RigPi 2 (in Beta) supports remote CW keying.  At the remote end you need at least a Raspberry Pi 0.  The RPi can accept keying from a RigPi Keyer board, or from an external keyer.  It seems like you should be able to use the N1MM keyer with the RPi 0 to accomplish what you want.  It might even be possible for RigPi Hub to be enhanced with a CW keying feature, so you wouldn’t need the RPi 0.

With the current RigPi, the only way to send CW is through the browser you use to access RigPi.


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