WinKey access via external program

Randy Becnel

I've only had my RigPi about a week now and enjoying it so far. Initial
setup controlling my K3 was easy and quick. Had no issues getting
Mumble/Pumble clients working on Windows and Chromebook and can control my
K3 from either a Win10 PC or my Chromebook via web browser. Now I've started
trying to interface N1MM Logger running on a Win10 PC using RigPi Hub. I
setup the COM port in RigPi Hub for radio communication and configured that
port as the rig port in N1MM+. Basic radio control works fine, band/mode,
etc with N1MM+. My question is whether it is possible to access the RigPi
WinKeyer using RigPi Hub or other method? Or a more basic question... what
is the recommended method for CW keying from an external program on remote
PC with the RigPi? I tried embedding the N1MM+ "CATA1ASC KY..." macros in
the CW function key files and using the CAT port to send. That "sorta" works
but keying is not smooth and N1MM+ team strongly recommends against this
method anyway... I will appreciate any guidance.

TNX/73, Randy - W5UE

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