Re: How many accounts?

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Mike,

The limitation in number of accounts is determined by the Raspberry Pi computing resources and the number of connected accounts.  I’ve found that the Raspberry Pi starts to run out of steam with 4-5 connected accounts.  This is due to the demands of servicing external browsers from the RigPi web server.

The other limitation is the Murmur (Mumble) server.  4-5 connected Mumble clients will impact performance.  One way around this is to use an external Murmur/Mumble host using a service such as  Their pricing is based on number of users, but a 15-user account is under $5/month using their promotional offers.

The RigPi user database has a soft limit of 8 users, but that can be increased by adding records to the database.

The upcoming release has a receive-only option for accounts.  It also has the ability to save and restore macros to different accounts.,

In summary, RigPi will not work for more than 4-5 accounts active at one time.


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