Re: Sourcecode #lost #corrupt

Steve Sampson

I think this is the only proprietary stuff in the web server:

// The three following PerfectWidgets components are proprietary included under a commercial license and are NOT open source
    pknob = new PerfectWidgets.Widget("dKnob", jsonKnob);
    pknob = new PerfectWidgets.Widget("dKnob", jsonKnob);
    ppanel = new PerfectWidgets.Widget("dPanel", jsonPanel);
    pmeter = new PerfectWidgets.Widget("dMeter", jsonSMeter);
//End of commercially licensed components

Which comes from:

Maybe read their fine print and report back with your licensing analysis.

On Sat, Feb 8, 2020 at 10:34 AM Chris <mail@...> wrote:

I don't quite understand why you are not allowed to share the GUI portions for free, but selling them is fine. Perhaps you could tell us their name so this gets a bit clearer.)
I am confident that the community will help to find suitable substitutions for these parts.


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