Issue with trying to set up 2 radios in Rigpi

Garry Chessen

I have a FTdx3k and FTdx5k.  I have the 3k set up in Rigpi.  When I set up the 5k under a different account and log in, the same tuner display with the 3k spelled out appears.  I cannot get the 5k tuner to show up. If I look at the settings, they look correct. What am I doing wrong?

UPDATE 2/7/2020 @ 10:38pm CST
/I did some snooping and found under phpMyAdmin /station /Mysettings where I could modify the saved radio setup info.  I fixed that and now I have both tuner setups for the 2 different radios.


 10:38pmGarry Chessen WB6IPQ


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