Re: Sourcecode #lost #corrupt

Howard Nurse, W6HN

As has been said, the question of RigPi being open source has been extensively discussed on this forum.  To clarify, everything in the RigPi image is open source except for a small portion of the RigPi server used for the three graphics components.  Instructions for building everything except the RigPi server are readily available on the Internet through a Google search.  The RigPi server source code can be easily seen and modified by anyone caring to do so.  It is not compiled.

There are no patents or copyrights for RigPi.  RigPi is a trademark which I hold.  The schematics for the two RigPi boards are provided on this forum.

Open Source software is free.  The use of free refers to the code being accessible, it is permissible to charge for Open Source software. See the Wikipedia article on Open Source for details. RigPi has been set up on GitHub as a placeholder.  My intent is to provide the RigPi server on Github so others can more easily participate in enhancing it.  I am the only one working on RigPi and I am focused on getting the next release out.  If anyone would like to help, please send me a summary of what you would like to do by private email.

73, Howard W6HN

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