Remote operatiion: RigPi == USB=> IC-7100 no audio (TX or RX) #rigpi #ic-7100 #audio #remote

Neil K6NCX

I have posted on this previously and gotten useful suggestions. That's the only way I've gotten this far. Thanks to everybody! I had to leave the project aside for a while and I'm ready to get back into it. Starting a new thread so my request for help now, and the current status information, don't get buried under all the old stuff.

I want to do remote operation of my home IC-7100 when I'm on the road. (I may also do some in-the-house-but-not right-at-the-rig operation, i.e., on-LAN. I'm actually testing on-LAN first for each function.) Control works, both through VNC and through browse,r and both from phone and from laptop. But no audio in either direction.
Please note that across the board, results are exactly the same whether on-LAN or through WAN, so I don't want to get into discussions of port forwarding and so. That's not it.
Mumble client is installed in both phone (iPhone SE iOS 12.3.1) and laptop (Lenovo Flex running Windows 8.1.)  Both clients can connect to Mumble server and log in successfully (using different user names than pi.) Both clients hear some noise upon connection, and if both clients are connected at the same time they hear each other. The RigPi apparently hears the RX audio (right now I forget how we got to that, but the onscreen meter in Mumble moves with RX.) But no audio gets from phone or laptop to radio, or from radio to phone or laptop.

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