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Stuart Uggen

Perry, It looks like I have two separate issues here, and I didn’t ask all the right questions. My first interest is data comm, like FT8. I believe I can do that without the SCU-17. My second interest will be remote control and, judging from your comments, the SignaLink USB doesn’t cover all that is needed. Since I own a SignaLink USB, what else do I need to handle remote control, say, with the MFJ RigPi?

Thanks in advance,

Stuart Uggen, K7ALM


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The Signalink folks are WRONG. The Signalink USB only does the audio portion of the SCU-17, it does NOT give you CAT control which is also needed. The SCU-17 does both.


Perry K4PWO


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Howard, I learned from the SignaLink folks that their SignaLink USB product functions in place of the Yaesu SCU17. I’ll start working on deployment of the SignaLink USB tomorrow. Happy trails to me, and thanks for your steady presence. I will certainly plug the RigPi into my budget, near term. If not already, I believe this project will serve you as a graduate program in cat herding.🤗 73 & tnx! Stu.                 


On Jan 20, 2020, at 12:17 PM, Howard Nurse, W6HN <hlnurse@...> wrote:

Hi Stuart,

Most of the few FTdx1200 postings I’ve seen are related to the requirement for the SCU17 interface since the radio doesn’t have a USB interface.  There are folks here on the forum that can help overcome any speed bumps you may encounter.

RigPi will work well in your situation which is made easier by your using it while at home.

I’ve been licensed since January of 1958, so we are the same vintage.

73, Howard W6HN


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