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Terrence Redding

Good Afternoon, guys,

This is a good discussion.  I imagine Howard and MFJ are tearing their hair out solving problems and coming up with solutions.  I bought my MFJ-1234 in order to remote my IC-7600.  When I found I could not simply plug and play, I set the project aside for another day. Under the quick start guide it would have been nice to see the most direct approach to connecting the RigPI and control a radio.  Any radio.  But that not what the manual says and that frankly is where most people get lost

1. Connect the RigPI to the router with an ethernet cable.
2. Plug in the 5 v supply

The RigPI server is operating, connect. to the same network as the router.

3. Connect to rig.local with a browser. It can be a computer, tablet or smartphone.
4. Connect a USB cable from the RigPI

This should be the point where the Quick Start Guide tells you how to control a radio.  Maybe a brief section on Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu, using their most popular radios would have been in order.  But no.  With the Quick Start Guide on page 10, you have to move forward to Page 31 before learning about connecting to the radio with the USB cable.

I agree it is a great concept and I look forward to using mine.  I truly appreciate all the effort those here in the forum put into helping and walking people through the trials and tribulations of getting the RigPI to work.  It may be that the RigPI is ready for release.  But the manual should not get lost in the detail, with if this or that discussions once it starts the Quick Guide.  A quick guide that allowed a clear simple successful connection of the RigPI server to the network and the radio to the RigPI would avoid a tremendous amount of angst.

Terry - W6LMJ

On Dec 28, 2019, at 2:47 PM, Kevin Lehigh <kelehigh@...> wrote:

A general comment from a former software quality  manager:  this product is obviously not completely ready for prime time when paired w/ ICOM radios.  That being said in IMHO this product wouldn’t pass our (IBM SUN or RAYTHEON) system test protocols and it probably not even Beta quality.  So we are dealing with an alpha release product IMHO.  The folks responsible  for the product (Howard, rigpi and or MFJ ) need to spend the effort to get thos product to what I call release 1.0.

This is too good of a concept to let it die.  I wish I could work with a team of software and test engineers to get this thing fixed for ICOM products (note that rigpi appears to work well w/ Yaesu radios based on comments I have seen on this forum).

73, Kevin (KJ7EHQ)

On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 7:04 PM Scott Harwood <scotth@...> wrote:
I totally agree.  I bought the MFJ-1234 for the reasons in quotes below.  It was a totally different experience getting it set up and running with my Icom-7000.  A very difficult learning curve.  I called MFJ customer support and they offered nothing except to go the RigPi forum.  Thank goodness for the forum and advice there.  Since then a document has been published providing a nice step by step guide for IC-7100 and other Icom rigs, but shouldn't MFJ done this in the first place rather than furnishing no setup manual and upon calling customer support, saying "go to the RigPi support groups"?

Scott K4VWK

From: <> on behalf of Lawrence I. Kaplan via Groups.Io <>
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Subject: [RigPi] False Advertising
"Remotely operate using any web browser on your mobile phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, desk-top or even Kindle!
The MFJ-1234 is as easy to use as 1-2-3.
Use nearly any transceiver with CAT control, old or new, no computer or computer knowledge needed."
The above is from the MFJ website. No computer knowledge? This is in the vain of "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."
I believe at some time in the far future, the MFJ 1234 will be predicable and reliable. It sure is not at this time.
I am not naive to have believed the process would be easy. However, one bug after another surfaces.
There should be a list of radios that actually function with the provided software. Perhaps, armed with this, one would think about purchasing the unit.
I am not disparaging Howard and others who work very hard on this forum.

Kevin E Lehigh

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