Re: SD card backup process

Kevin Lehigh

You need 3 things besides another SD card:

1. A read / write device (search for them on amazon; they cost about $15-20).
2. Imaging software ( google and u will find free software to download to ur PC).
3. Knowledge as to how to do this.

I have an ICOM IC-718 as well as a IC-7300 but started out trying to get the MFJ1234 to work with the 718.  After a lot of hard work and armed with information from the rigpi group, I was able to finally get audio and then success with controlling the rig via a WAN connection.  However after a few days, operation became increasingly slow, similar to what we all have seen with Windows TSRs and memory leaks from Microsoft software locking up our laptops (think blue screen of death). Audio also became increasingly garbled and choppy.  I had a few suspects, the main one being memory overflow.

I think that people on are on the right track suspecting that the marginal 16GB SanDisk cards are to blame. There is some evidence now from those who have gone to the trouble to remove the SD card, image and copy it to a 32GB card and got audio to finally work as advertised.  

I am in the process of doing the same. More to come.  Please standby.

73, Kevin x KJ7EHQ  

On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 7:17 PM <neil.fullagar@...> wrote:
I'm leery of even powering up the RigPi without having a backup of the image. From what I've read it's possible to open the RigPi and physically remove the card to make a backup. But do I need to use special image software or can I simply copy the content of that card to another?
Actually my plan would be use the copy and leave the supplied image untouched. Is there a reason not to do that? If I can do that, can the new card be larger than 16GB? Is there any advantage to a larger card?

Kevin E Lehigh

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