Re: RigPi with Skype

Jens / DH1AKY

Hi Mike,

the only way would be to change the server role at the raspi to client and let the other side act as a server. Or use a server on the net and connect from two clients in a similar way like Skype. 

Maybe that helps.

73s, Jens/DH1AKY

Mike K0JTA <mike@...> schrieb am So., 1. Dez. 2019, 01:07:

VERY good question, Manuel! 

I have a similar need, as I am trying to use the RigPI app either locally or remotely.  (Locally, I have no RX or TX audio, but this is not needed at this mpment/)

In the past, I have been successful using SKYPE for the duplex (RX and TX) audio, and Teamviewer for the viewing and controlling of a FLEX and/or APACHE-LABS SDR.  In these cases, I used Skype for the audio needs, setting Skype to auto-answer. (Worked FAB!)

I cannot use MUMBLE in any way, as I have no ability to allow PORT FORWARDING(Yes, REALLY...)  My internet access is via a tethered cell phone.  While this works really well for normal internet activities, there is NO ability for port forwarding.

Apps such as ANYDESK and TEAMVIEWER are somehow allowed, even though have stated port permissions.  So, these apps WORK!  But I need my RX and TX audio, and SKYPE appears to have some limitations if run on a Raspberry PI.

Is there another app that I can run on my RigPI (Raspberry PI) that does NOT have a need for port forwarding??  Teamviewer and AnyDesk both run very smoothly to connect to my Raspberry PI, but the audio in these apps is not functional, as far as I have discovered.

Thank you!  Mike, K0JTA

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