Re: Transmit with IC-756 Pro3


I have the ICOM PRO 3 successfully working for both transmit and receive with RigPi/Hamlib support.
I would say the referenced write-up on the radio is very helpful and should get you going. I found only the
following items to be different in my particular installation:

I am using the 8-pin DIN plug on the back of the radio for the audio. In order for this to work
for me, I have to have no microphone connected on the front of the radio. I have the radio 
set for AM / LSB / USB and it works fine

I find no menu setting on my radio for the setting USB Serial Function = CI-V.
I don't expect it to be there since my radio has no USB port that I am aware

I am hoping the Hamlib library will support programming of macros for basics like
automatic antenna tuner, SWR meter, etc. I have yet to program these functions
so I cannot confirm.

73 / Herb / N2GEW

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