Re: (RPRT -13)(0) from IC7300.

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On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 9:34 PM Art Olson <olson339@...> wrote:

I want to pass on my settings for my IC 7300


I am using an a/b usb cable between the IC7300 and connected to a usb port on the rigpi


Went into advance settings

Manuf – Icom

Radio – IC-7300

Name – IC-7300

R port /dev/usb0

Baud 38400


Ic7300 settings in menu

Civ transciev – off

Civ baud rate 19200 – probably makes no difference as this setting has no effect on the sound card connection at the usb connector or radio

ci-v baud rate usb baud rate 38400

ci-v usb port – unlink from remote – think this is the default for the radio

ci-v echo back – left on


rigpi running

turned on radio


selected “connect radio” and got confirmation that it connected


lst for the evening

connected 3.5mm cable to audio out on radio – above mic connector to the rx in on rigpi

started mumble on my pc

selected connect under server

looked at the lan choices – rigip appears

connected – response certificate no good or bad password

chose to trust certificate

got password login prompt and entered 7833

can hear ic 7300 audio via my computer speaker 


tomorrow transmit to tackle. I left the Alsamixer using the default injector setting


note I ordered a modular cable from MFJ and when it comes will see what happens using the rigpi audio jack






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Subject: Re: [RigPi] (RPRT -13)(0) from IC7300.


I had already run the ID application from the desktop.. now, I had shutdown and restarted the RigPi application after running the USB-ID, and did get the dialog box, and pressed, OK...but I didn't restart the RSS/Raspberry Pi.

Did that today, then rechecked and radio1 is still not listed.




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