Port 80 security options


Much has been offered /advised of the vulnerability of an open Port 80. Internal port translation is highly recommended here: is there a preferred workaround if ones wireless gateway / router model does not support this?
My specifics are a Comcast Gateway which is remotely located and running in bridge mode. The router is an Asus RT-88AC model. My contacts with Asus customer support leave me to conclude that perhaps no Asus routers are equipped to do internal port translation as is being described and recommended.
There is a capability of “port triggering” but I frankly don’t fully understand this and I don’t think this gets the security aspect addressed anyway.
Anyone with the Asus router that can confirm?
Aside from changing brands, is there a workaround that can be recommended for hardware that doesn’t support this internal port translation feature?

 73 / Herb / N2GEW 

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