Kenwood TM-V71A Working except No Audio On Transmit... Jumper Settings? #mfj-1234 #jumper #kenwood

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Kenwood TM-V71A Working except No Audio On Transmit...  Jumper Settings?  So I dropped the FT-100D and redid everything for the Kenwood TM-V71A.  It is working with PTT control, Up, Dn Control and I have it sending the RX audio through Mumble and that is working but when I transmit from the web interface there is no audio being sent out of radio.  My guess is maybe I do not have the correct jumper settings on the internal 8 pin socket right.  I didn't change anything from the recommended Yaesu/Icom suggestion in the 1204 manual so I think Kenwood might be off somewhere by one pin as the PTT works, The Audio from radio to mumble works but the mumble to radio is silent.  I am using a SignaLink 6 pin din cable and so my guess is there is one pin I have incorrect and the MFJ1204 diagrams are not very clear on how to set up the Kenwood TM-V71A.

So as the jumpers stand right now, they are as the image shows:  . I am guessing my computer audio transmit is making it through to mumble server because I see my user mic icon on control computer in mumble flicker when computer mic picks up sound audio but to the radio it is not happening... so is it a problem with "mic" to pin "1"?

Hope someone has an idea..

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