Re: Remotely powering Radio/RigPi On/Off


To follow-up on the use of this or a similar relay AC power switch, and from the technical
section of RigPi Help, it is possible to configure the Keyer PTT circuit to power on a 
relay power switch. Using the DLL product as an example, after configuring the
Keyer PTT, a 3.5mm jumper would be used at the PTT of the RigPi Server and
connect to the relay, in this case on the side of the DLL power switch. 

The PWR ON / PWR OFF macros are pre-programmed so once RSS is available remotely, the ON macro will 
power up the switch. 

For remote operation, an "independent" power switch (e.g. Amazon Smart Plug, Belkin Wemo, etc)
would still be needed if the RigPi Station Server isn't left powered on at the home station.

Did I interpret the technical section from the RigPi Help section correctly?

73/ N2GEW / Herb

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