Re: Remotely powering Radio/RigPi On/Off


Howard, Tom and Wayne:
Thanks gents for all the support, much appreciated. I do not believe that either Icom radio (IC-756PRO3, IC-7000)
nor Hamlib supports CAT power on/off. So a power switch of one variety or the other seems the easiest way
to deal with this short of going inside the radio (or a robotic "finger" to push a power button, HiHi!).

In my case, I have a web power switch (Alexa compatible) which will work well for this. I was concerned
about removing power from the radios in this manner but everyone's suggestion (whether a switch or relay) 
is abruptly removing power from the radio in the same manner, so I interpret this as an acceptable method.

73 / Herb / N2GEW

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