Remotely powering Radio/RigPi On/Off


My apologies if this basic topic has been thoroughly covered in the past, but perhaps a "refresh"
is in order with all the new forum participants.

What is everyone doing that prefer not to leave power on to their radio when remote? 

I have an Icom PRO series radio that does not support this function through Hamlib, so I 
will power on the 12 V supply via a web accessible power switch. I have done this in the
past with remote access and it works. ALTHOUGH some have expressed reservations 
about this method of powering on a radio, maybe do to surge concerns. But, it never caused an
issue for the ICOM 7000 that I was powering on /off.

And I presume this would be a acceptable way to power up/down the RigPi as well.
Would this be a preferred method or another way?

73 / Herb / N2GEW

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