Re: "Static Burst' on transmit audio

Terrence Redding

Good Morning, W5XO,

Dennise, it would be nice to know if you and your friend with the same problem are in close proximity to each other?

By similar setup do you mean the same equipment?

I am also interested if this is a reoccurring problem for others and if they managed to resolve it.

Terry - W6LMJ 

On Oct 8, 2019, at 11:37 PM, wrote:

My setup is the Icom 7300 and the full MFJ-1234 "box" and using a Samsung Note 10+ running Plumble as the remote. Everything works fine except that on each transmission I get about a 1/2 second noise burst on my transmit audio signal. A friend with a similar setup has the same "problem" using a similar setup.  I've adjusted about everything in Mumble and on the radio with no cure found.
If this has been mentioned before I apologize for missing that subject and I would appreciate and help from anyone who has had this problem and overcome it. I guess it's not a huge problem as my friends can easily recognize that I'm operating remote the first time I key the radio.
Thanks   73

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