RigPi , IC-756PRO and Mumble


Thanks to everyone on the forum for the assistance over the last month in getting many of us (including myself)
up and running with the RigPi. It is a fun device once the hurdles are cleared.

I am now moving on to a second radio as I have rock solid performance with my laptop in or outside my LAN.
That includes the Mumble client/server program which I struggled with more than I should have.

But, I am curious if anyone has any less reliable performance with Mumble when using a cell phone?
In my case specifically, the iPhone X can give continuous connection for as much as an hour
or more at a sitting but, other times, Mumble becomes "disconnected" and forces me to disconnect and re-
connect to restore audio. There is a small red Mic in the left top corner of the RSS window
which indicates Mumble connectivity. Often, this will just vanish and the time returns to that spot and all audio is gone.
Sometimes it returns on its own.
At times, this becomes very often and other times not. It can occur 
inside the LAN or outside. And other times, the program crashes and must be shutdown completely. 

It "maybe" that the phone is at fault. I have been working with Verizon as I have had increasing number 
of cellular issues where I lose audio with the other party for periods ranging from 5 seconds
to 20 seconds. Rarely does it end up a complete drop call (which would be preferable to me). I 
replaced the SIM Card as almost a last resort in trying to resolve this issue. 

I have been on the Mumble forums as well, but to no avail.  Hopefully no one else has similar issues with
the Mumble / Cell experience but I would be
interested if anyone has had similar occurrences.

73 / N2GEW / Herb

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