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IJay my name is Joe I was wondering if you could email me the adjustments you had to make on the 7300 and the adjustments on the Mumble app I am trying to get mine working on an Android S10 thank you in advance if you can help that would be great.

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Subject: [RigPi] PTT output not working on transmit
Hello, new user here. I just got my RigPi a few days ago, and after first trying it with my ICOM IC-7300 (which works fine) I now have it connected to my Kenwood TM-V71 through the data jack on the back of the radio. I'm close to having it working and will be glad to write up detailed instructions on how to make it work with the TM-V71 once it's fully functional, but the hardware PTT is not working with the RigPi web interface. I have it wired from the ring terminal on the 'TX OUT' jack to the PTT line on the radio's data jack. I tested it using fldigi by setting it to use GPIO 17 for the hardware PTT line, and it works fine i.e. fldigi keys the radio and it both transmits and receives audio. Therefore I believe that my cable is right and that the RigPi hardware is working correctly.

When using the RigPi web interface, I have the radio type set to TM-D710 since it uses the same command set as the TM-V71, and I have PTT set to 'ON when transmitting'. When I press the PTT button it switches to transmit using a serial command but the hardware PTT signal on the TX OUT connector is not getting asserted. The radio transmits, but because the PTT line is not asserted through the data jack it uses the handheld mic instead of the signal from the data jack. As a test I changed PTT to 'ON when radio connected' and then it starts transmitting as soon as I connect, and I can send audio from mumble on my iPhone through the radio and hear it on a HT. I can use the connect/disconnect buttons as a very crude PTT and it functions, so the web interface does toggle the hardware PTT line and the audio path is working in both directions, but it just doesn't work with PTT set to 'ON when transmitting'. It seems that anyone using hardware PTT on the TX OUT jack would have the same problem - has anyone else encountered this?

Jay K8DC

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