Re: Micro SDHC card performance question


I have had the RigPi for over a month and never made the backup onto an SD card. I will do so now and hopefully) have an uncorrupted original to work from. Thanks for the suggestion on the Ultra Plus
card with the higher write speeds.

Very interesting booting the SD Card from the USB on the RigPi. I presume there 
is no need to actually remove the original card from inside the RigPi. I will try and
find chapter and versus on changing the boot device for the RPI

I have been successful with the RigPi using the laptop computer and getting good audio reports. Not so
using the iPhone where I am getting reports of the audio "cutting out". I don't see a lot
of configuration I can do in the Mumble APP specific for the iPhone.

All this refers to using the RigPi in my LAN.  

73 / Herb / N2GEW

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