Re: TS 2000 no PTT

Don Domina


The "official" new cable from MFJ arrived yesterday.  Installed and tested today.  I get the exact same result.  No radio key, very sluggish reaction to PTT GUI or spacebar.............
Since the RSS did not "key" when I shorted the PTT to GND does that indicate an issue with the RSS?  With the Jumper?  I  have the TS2000 Jumper module from Signaling installed.  With the 13 Pin to RJ45 cable removed, the RSS did key the TS2000.  It is still intermittent and sluggish.  When I reinstall the audio cable, the RSS keys and will not release the key until I shutdown and restart the TS2000.
I think i have the original image of the SD card and can try to load a new image.  I did this once before with the same results.  I am out of ideas.  Can I send the sd card to you to check?  Can I send the RSS?  I am hoping for some resolution soon.

Thanks for the help 



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