Re: RigPi versus RemoteHams

Michael Young

RemoteHams is limited to windows and android client and server hardware.  RemoteHams is Great!  I have used it!

Rigpi runs on a Rasberry Pi ($30.00 or one is on your shelf) and $40.00 software from MFJ depending on the radio you want to use.  And it can be accessed via a BROWSER  that runs on ANY DEVICE!!   

Take your pick!

Granted RigPi just got started.  More features to be added and the software is set to become open source!

We’ll see how things evolve.


On May 20, 2019, at 3:59 PM, Howard Nurse, W6HN <hlnurse@...> wrote:

Interesting summary, Tom, thanks!

Does RemoteHams support multiple simultaneous radios on separate accounts?  Can more than one user be connected to a radio at the same time? Is there an iOS client?

Is the remote serial connection similar to a virtual port so it connects like a radio to HRD/N1MM?  Are there limits on what radio can be used with RemoteHams?  Do you have to use a specific radio for remote serial (such as a TS-2000) or can you choose any radio you want?

How is CW keying in terms of keying lag?  What does the keying at the rig end?

—Howard W6HN

On May 20, 2019, at 3:20 PM, Tom Schaefer NY4I <thomasmschaefer@...> wrote:

I can answer about the RemoteHams (RH) side coupled with a recent thread on this reflector. I'm just a user and have no relationship to the project.

RH does support amplifier controls so you can see the remote amp display and adjust settings like operate/standby—auto-tune amps of course.

RH also lets one connect to a remote serial port if you want to connect N1MM or HRD on your local side to control the remote radio.

RH has full keyer support with paddles or a straight-key. You do need some sort of interface to connect your paddle to the USB port or you have to make use or the RCForb device which allows connecting a paddle or straight-key with a standard 1/8 plug.

RH allows one to control what each user can do. For example, admin users can adjust the power but you can disallow others from adjusting the power or any other setting. I am not sure if that is something RigPi does. I can also control by user if one can turn the rotor or use the amplifier or any other control on the radio.

RH does not need any other audio drivers as the Windows client handles the sound interfacing. However, that also illustrates that it does NOT have a strictly web interface. You have to use a Windows or Android client to connect to it.

I think the best thing to remember is that RemoteHams has been running for a long time so it is quite mature.So I would expect as the user base asks for them, different features would be added to RigPi to close any gaps.

Tom NY4I

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