Save Advanced Settings & P3 Update

Michael Foerster

I'm trying to connect p my K3S to the RigPi.

Two Questions:

1.  I'm trying to play around with the PTT and finding that I have to hold the mouse button to get it to transmit, and stay in transmit. 
     I tried to change the Settings/Advanced "PTT" setting to "ON when transmitting" (see what it does) and when I hit the Save (Up arrow in the cloud at the top, not too explanatory), I get the error message:
           "update failed; Incorrect integer value: 'none' for column 'station', 'MySettings', 'Parity' at row 1."
       There is no such setting that I can find. 

2.  A bit more of a general question. 
    For the K3S with the KIO3B, and RS232 set to "USB", my P3 is not updating like it should.  (must be set to USB for the Rig to communicate through the USB port.)
      When the RigPi is connected, do I loose the P3 graphical displaly functionality?  That also runs off the serial port, which is now set to USB!

Mike, W0IH
Mike, W0IH

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