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Leslie Loftin

Ok, Howard.
I think I have done it. I have a file in “Downloads” on my Mac that is called “station.sql” and appears to be around 3.8 Mb.
I will send it to you, however, if your private email is public knowledge, I don’t have it.
If your email is public, how do ever have time to set on the back porch and look at the water??
So many of us are helpless wanna be Nerds, how would ever have time to do anything else. I’ll send my address and your can reply with your address.


On Sep 14, 2019, at 12:18 PM, Leslie Loftin <lhloftin2@...> wrote:

Thanks for your advice. Log export and import is not the real problem. The thread started with a question about creating a new log.
Here briefly, is what happens. When I attempt to create a new log in a browser (Mac: Safari and Firefox, PC: Microsoft Edge) and I move items from the Master List to the Logbook Columns, many but not all items moved replicate themselves from two to ten times. “Callsign” is particularly bad. So my screen looks something like this:

    Logbook Columns                  Master List        Editor Fields

| Callsign                             <-> Amplifer           | His Street
        | Callsign                             <-> Band                | His City
                                                    <-> Callsign           | His County

I clicked on the Master List item “Callsign” and drug (dragged) it over to the Logbook Columns section.
And presto! I get two Callsign boxes (Fields), when only one is needed or wanted. If I click on one to delete it, they both disappear.
The same thing happens if I drag the Callsign to the Editor Fields.
Here is part of the oddity, in the Master List there are numerous fields from which to choose. “Callsign” will duplicate. “Band” will duplicate. “Club” will NOT duplicate. “His City” will duplicate.

Howard was trying to get me to reload a fresh log setup for the browser Pi log screen and that is where I got lost.
Okay, that was long. Hope you don’t have eye strain.


On Sep 14, 2019, at 9:03 AM, Mark Weisheimer <mweisheimer@...> wrote:


The export/import is done under LOG and is in the top right of the LOG screen.
It looks like Howard suggested that, first you export your current log and then proceed to import a fresh log.
Take a look there and see if that is more clear, and fyi, import is at the bottom of that drop down, it isn't visible unless you go lower in the selection window.

73 - Mark - K8MHW
'A RigPi Enthusiast!' - I am not otherwise affiliated with MFJ or RigPi

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