Re: TS 2000 no PTT

Don Domina

This morning, I removed all other connections to the TS2000 (except external speaker and antennas).  I went through set up again (forced the wrong radio, saved and then put the TS2000 back in).   I went through this entire chain and followed all directions. I had not control over the RED light on the RSS.  The RED GUI PTT lit up on the screen, but nothing happened with the RSS or the radio.  I verified all connections, rebooted and still no control over the radio.  The TS2000 indicates "PC" in the display, which means it is being controlled externally.  This is verified by the frequency display and ability to change mode and band.

I then followed your instructions in message 2905.  With the RJ45 cable removed, I can make the RSS go into XMIT and it keys the radio.  The response is very sluggish and not always shut off when I removed click OFF the PTT.  I get the same sluggish response when I use the space-bar on the keyboard.  I wen to teh KEYER setting page and click Reset Defaults.  There was NO reactdion.  I did not get an "R R".  I did not see any activity with the light.  I did this as the RJ45 still disconnected.

With regards to #2908, I confirmed 57,600 is set on Menu 56 of the TS2000 and on the RSS menu.  They both were already.  I clicked the save and got the message that it had been updated.  I disconnected the radio and closed RigPi.  I then rebooted.  Nothing had changed from the situation noted above.


In originally redoing the install of the TS2000, I noticed this report when I ran tail /var/log/messages.  I am not certain of its relevance.  It is the same with the RJ45 connected or disconnected.
pi@rigpi:~ $ tail /var/log/messages
Sep 14 13:08:06 rigpi kernel: [   67.541377] warning: process `colord-sane' used the deprecated sysctl system call with 8.1.2.
Sep 14 13:08:54 rigpi kernel: [  114.857021] unexport_store: invalid GPIO 54
Sep 14 13:08:54 rigpi kernel: [  114.857054] unexport_store: invalid GPIO 55
Sep 14 13:08:54 rigpi kernel: [  114.857082] unexport_store: invalid GPIO 56
Sep 14 13:08:54 rigpi kernel: [  114.857109] unexport_store: invalid GPIO 57
Sep 14 13:08:54 rigpi kernel: [  114.857136] unexport_store: invalid GPIO 58
Sep 14 13:08:54 rigpi kernel: [  114.857163] unexport_store: invalid GPIO 59
Sep 14 13:08:54 rigpi kernel: [  114.857192] unexport_store: invalid GPIO 60
Sep 14 13:08:54 rigpi kernel: [  114.857219] unexport_store: invalid GPIO 61
Sep 14 13:08:54 rigpi kernel: [  114.857245] unexport_store: invalid GPIO 62
pi@rigpi:~ $ 

Thanks for the help so far.  I look forward to your suggestions.



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