Re: Mumble on MAC (levels?) #ic-7300

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Frank,

Mumble on a Mac is similar to what you see on the Raspberry Pi desktop.  In the Mac's System Preferences>Audio, make sure the Internal Mic is selected if that is what you want to use.  In Mumble, open the Audio Input settings from the Configure menu and put a check in the Advanced checkbox at the top. Audio Input is from your Mic.  Select Built-in Microphone for the Device, and temporarily select Voice Activity for Transmit.  Set the Noise Suppression slider to off.  Click Apply and you should see the bar graph react to your voice.  That should do it, you can also tweak levels if necessary.

Set Transmit to Continuous.  After any change in Mumble, click Apply then OK.  Restart Mumble on the Mac desktop to save the changes.

73, Howard W6HN

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