Logging for a dummy?

Carl Estey

I have WSJT-X v2.0.1 running from the applications>Hamradio>WSJT window on my RigPi.  I can see that all of my QSO's have been logged if I go to File>Open log directory and open the wsjt.log file.  The data appears to be in .CSV format.  How do I manage this data to print or sort?  I have an external USB keyboard, USB mouse, and HDMI monitor connected to the RigPi.  Can anyone give me the steps to print this data.  If I had Excel on the Pi I would know how to read the file and could then print it, however without Excel and unfamiliar with the resources available on the RPi, I am at a loss as to how to do this.

BTW, I am having a ball on FT8 using a IC-7300 and wire antennas.


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