Re: Mumble connected on audio


Good Morning to all:


I am up and running with the RigPi and Mumble in my LAN. I changed over to the
ACC 1 connection, Howard, and the corresponding adjustment required to the RigPi header. 
I was heard OK on the air. I expect little trouble making the adjustments over
to WAN, but just sitting back and contemplating the best approach since the Asus Router
doesn't seem to support port translation. I will look into port triggering to see if that
will offer some enhanced security similar to the port translation recommended here.

I DID NOT go into SSB Data Mode on the radio to transmit or receive voice. I will have
to research this as I am not sure why the manual states this and how the receive audio
would work in that mode (?). And a Macro will need to be set to push the radio into SSB data mode?

While reports say the audio out was OK, I wasn't impressed with the quality of the
receive audio: Is there anything authoritative I can go to on settings for Mumble?

Thanks to all on the forum.

73 / N2GEW

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