Re: Need help setting up different radios

Jan Blomquist / SM5SUH

Finally I get hold of the command to save and quit the Mumble ini file.

I paste the file path command from Help in to the terminal.

Moved to the serverpassword as mentioned in help and change it.

Use Ctrl + O to write out and exit and after that I cant connect to the Mumble server at all.

When it start up this text is showing.

1:45 PM] Welcome to Mumble.

[1:45 PM] Opening chosen ALSA Input failed: No such device

[1:45 PM] Opening chosen ALSA Output failed: No such device

[1:45 PM] Connecting to server rigpi.local..

[1:45 PM] Connected.


So now it safe alright, no one can use it including my self  HI


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