Leslie Loftin

Having a few problems in trying to create a new log (format, etc.) in the web browser.
When I chose a field from the Master List (white area) and move it over to the left to the “Logbook Columns” (yellow area), I find the field to get replicated once more. In other words, when I move “His Call” over to the left, I have two “His Call” in the Logbook Columns list.
If I delete one, they both disappear. This happens with any field I have tried to move.

Anyone seen this?

As a part of my troubleshooting, where do I find the logbook configurations (file) saved on the Rigpi? I have explored the Rigpi desktop through FileManager and had no success. From with WSTJX I can see the logs for wsjtx.log and wsjtx_log.adi. There are other files there also, but none seem to relate to the Rigpi web browser.
I am surely missing something, but what?


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