Re: Need help setting up different radios

Jan Blomquist / SM5SUH

Howard, thanks for the info regarding power meter reading. This was news for me, my over ten-year-old free version of HRD support movements in all meter types so I was sure that a modern setup should support it also. Is this a common thing in Hamlib or is it just this little older radio that is not supported? Well I guess I must accept it so now I am going over to a bigger problem. As a user that never seen a Linux OS or a Pi, I have some problem with changing passwords, so I get some security. Maybe there is a step by step manual somewhere? I will start to look for it now as I understand the problem to have the RigPi out on internet with the default password that every RigPi owner or person that downloaded the manual knows.


Regards from Sweden.  Jan / SM5SUH   


From: Howard Nurse, W6HN
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2019 7:54 PM
Subject: Re: [RigPi] Need help setting up different radios
Hi Jan,

What you are seeing on the meter during Transmit is correct.  Hamlib does not support dynamic readings of power out, only a static max power out setting.  You can adjust the calibration of the meter in Transmit so it makes more sense.  Please see RigPi Help>Settings>Advanced Radio for details.

73, Howard W6HN

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